Revenue generated is a big one for us. We want to ensure you have a solid return on investment, and this tracker is a way for us to know how we’re doing for our clients. This is not an up-to-the-minute tracker of revenue generated from our processes, but it does get updated frequently when clients tell us how their business is booming.


We strive to double a client’s business, and we’ve done that multiple times. In fact, we’ve had clients who’s business grew so much that they’ve had to hire on more employees, open up new locations and expand to new cities to handle the volume of leads and customers that they’ve been able to accumulate.


Our top priority is to ensure the growth of your business, and our customers are always satisfied and ecstatic when their business doubles or triples in growth because of their online presence.

Murfreesboro SEO Company

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Murfreesboro SEO Company, Rank A Website Fast Middle TN

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Through our seasoned processes, we help rank your site in Google, while following their rules. We optimize your on-page content, create citations and ensure you have a steady flow of backlinks coming to your website.Read More »

Website Design

Does your website need updated? Do you need a website built? Our team of web designers will fashion a website that suits your style.Read More »

Google My Business Listings

What’s the best way for Google to find your website? To be a listed business partner! Google My Business is one of the most important things that a business owner can have to ensure high rankings. We help optimize your listing to ensure you take full advantage of this opportunity.Read More »

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Are you wanting immediate lead generation? PPC marketing could be for you! We create an ad on Google Adwords or Facebook, and we optimize it to reach your specific target audience in your local area.Read More »

Content Marketing

Content is king in Google’s world. If your site doesn’t have it, you won’t rank well. Our team of writers will ensure that your website is jam-packed with niche-relevant content that will assist in you claiming the top spot in Google.Read More »

Local Citations

Google uses many different trust factors in determining who they want to rank at the top of their results. They check local citation websites to see if you’re a real, trustworthy business. We give you over 350 of those citations to ensure Google trusts your website and company brand.Read More »

How To Increase My Website Rankings In Murfreesboro

Search Engine Optimization is a tricky marketing strategy that is not straightforward, but, rather, it takes experience and hundreds, if not thousands, of tests to determine what method(s) actually work.

So how do you determine the level of SEO work that’s needed for a website?

Here’s an analogy for you:
Your website is an empty glass. In order for you to begin to rank on Google, you must begin to fill the glass to the top. If you dump a 5-gallon bucket of water, a lot of the water will miss the glass entirely and spill everywhere. However, if you pour water in from a pitcher at a reasonable pace, it will fill up to the top without spilling. The water in this analogy is backlinks, local citations and every other SEO ranking method out there.
Google wants to see your website be like the second glass: water being poured into it at a reasonable, believable pace. If Google sees backlinks being dumped into your site like a 5-gallon bucket of water, it will flag it and penalize it. But if you can pour those backlinks into your site at a reasonable, believable pace, Google will see you as trustworthy and natural.

How Do We Determine How Big Of A Glass To Fill?

Everyone’s website is different, so that’s why we don’t have packages listed anywhere with specifics. Every package is the exact same as far as what you get, but the volume is what differs from site to site. We have to determine how big your glass is, so we know how much work it will take to fill it!
We use population size for the city or cities you want to rank in and the competition of your niche to determine how much it will take for us to get your site ranked on the top spot! We will cover the specific prices during your one-on-one consultation, but we will give you a range of prices before your consultation!

SEO Murfreesboro

Steel Marketing is an online marketing company, based out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, that specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Design, Pay-Per-Click Campaigns and ranking local businesses on the first page of Google’s organic rankings and the coveted Map Pack! We provide Murfreesboro SEO services, but we also serve clients in Nashville, Antioch, La Vergne, Smyrna, all of Middle TN and across the country!

This is what we do: we play by Google’s rules to ensure that your website is safely and correctly placed at the top of the organic rankings. We have cracked the top spot for some of the hardest spots to rank for, like a real estate investor. We have different service packages, so we can help your grow your business of one or one thousand, while staying within your budget.

We can help build your website, update or edit your current site, create blog articles for your niche, start and manage ad campaigns on Facebook and Google, get you listed on Google’s Business Listings section and, most importantly, we’ll help you climb to the top spot in Google’s organic and map pack rankings.

We’re the premiere Murfreesboro SEO Service! No matter the niche you’re in — lawn care, dentistry, roofing, optometry, healthcare, and pest control just to name a few — we can help rank your website!

What gives us the credibility to make these kind of statements? I’m glad you asked!

Our owner, Caleb Luketic, owns Favor Home Solutions, a real estate investment company based out of Middle TN. Real estate is one of the most competitive niches in the internet world, especially in Middle TN. Anytime you search “sell my house fast + city,” Favor Home Solutions will pop up.

We’ve used our tactics and techniques on websites that represent other businesses we own, so we won’t use a process to rank your website that we don’t use ourselves — that’s unethical in our eyes. We stand by our processes 100% because we use them every day to rank ourselves in the real estate investment world.

We GUARANTEE our SEO services 100%, so if your rankings don’t increase within the first 90 days using our SEO services, we will refund your money!

Murfreesboro SEO Services

Steel Marketing is located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, but we serve areas all around Middle TN, as well as cities outside of Tennessee entirely! No matter where your local business is, we’re here to help get you ranked on the top page of Google! The great thing about our process: it works whether you’re in Tennessee or in another part of the world! It’s tested and proven to get you ranked!

If you’ve been saying, “I need to rank a website for my business,” or “how can you rank a website in Google,” you’ve landed in the right place!

We give you a hands-free product that will generate leads for your business over a long period of time. SEO Murfreesboro is great because when you get ranked in the organic rankings, you’re there for a long time, unlike pay-per-click marketing because that’s just short-term marketing.

Once you stop paying for PPC, your ads get removed entirely. But with SEO, your website is built to stay and remain atop the leaderboards! As long as Google is around, your website will continuously produce leads for your business because people will always need to search for what they need!

Middle TN is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, so why wouldn’t you want to attract all those newcomers to your business? Whether you’re a dentist, roofer, contractor, lawn care professional, car dealership, pest control company, daycare, restaurant or in another niche, we want to double your revenue and leads in the next year through SEO Murfreesboro or whatever city you’re in!



Steel Marketing is all about results. If your rankings don’t increase within the first 60 days of you using our services, you get your money back. Guaranteed! We are the only company in Middle TN that offers a 100% money back guarantee if we don’t perform. That’s why Steel Marketing is the best for SEO Services in Murfreesboro!

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